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Oddly Moving Circus Theatre
Oddly Moving Circus Theatre

Atlas: Lost the Battle of the Titans and was punished by Zeus to hold the universe up for an eternity. Eons passed. At some point Heracles came by and asked Atlas to pick 3 golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides. Heracles took the universe. Atlas enjoyed his fleeting freedom but Heracles tricked him into taking the colossal weight back. This is the shortest version of this story. The ending doesn’t tie up -  some say Atlas turns into the Atlas Mountains, others say he is turned to the stone when shown the head of Medusa or perhaps he is still there? We wonder what would happen if he let go?

Themes: We made a show about Atlas and realised that at some point we have all felt like Atlas, carrying the weight of the world, but we all manage that weight differently. We’d like to know what helped you get through your Atlas moment, could put the weight down or did it lighten?

Sharing Your Story: This is an opportunity to share your moments of lightness or a place to leave the stories you don’t want to carry anymore. We are sharing our stories so we know we aren’t standing alone holding the weight of the universe. We have each other.

Listen to Others Stories: Because we are nosey and the mystery of other people’s lives is as good as reading an agatha christie novel and finding out who dunnit. It’s a chance to get to know each other a little better.




To submit a story go to share your story and follow the instructions. These include guidance on how to choose what story you’d like to tell, an audio guide from Grania with prompts to help you create the story and how to upload your story.

To listen to a story go to listen to stories and click on a link - it’s as simple as that!



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