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Oddly Moving Circus Theatre

Imagine you are stood on a path and you can see Atlas in the distance.

Atlas is a giant, a Titan, the biggest of all the Titans. He is alone, holding the whole universe and bracing the sky above our heads.

You walk towards him.

As you walk you take a look around. Where are you? What kind of path are you walking on? Is it day or night?

You reach Atlas and look up, you can see the immensity of the universe above you. You lie down on the ground by his left foot to be able to gaze at it comfortably, you feel the support of the earth beneath you.

You see the stars, planets, black holes, the whole of the Milky Way and 

And There is such an abundance of stars it feels almost like you could run your hands through them like they were sand on a beach.

As you look up a new solar system has come into focus, as if it has zoomed in and is just above you and somehow you know that this collection of stars and planets is yours, as if all of your memories, experiences, hopes, dreams, desires and regrets were contained in this system. You are curious. You can see everything and to you it makes complete sense. 

You can see some planets that are large and heavy, their gravity is so strong that you remember feeling like you’d never be able to break free, but you did. You see other planets, maybe they look more like earth, that contain the memories that you cherish, the experiences that are important to you. Dotted here and there are small planets, these are small moments that define who you are, how you see yourself, something that happened in a minute, or a day or a year that is part of your story and changes how the whole constellation balances. Perhaps every star is a moment of laughter.

Are there any memories or experiences that you feel drawn to more than the others?

You reach up and are able to take a planet or star in your hand, you pluck it out of the system and draw it towards you.

In your hand your memory is running like a projected film. You can see the beginning, the middle and the end as if looking at your life from the outside. This memory is a story, perhaps it is a sad story or a joyful story, perhaps it’s a moment of change or risk, perhaps something changed unexpectedly. You can see all of it in all of its complexity. You take a good look and remember how it felt. Like a scientist objectively looking through a microscope you answer the following questions;

How did it start?

How did it end?

Was there a point of change?

How old where you?

Is anyone else part of this story?

Where did it take place?

How long did it go on for?

Are there smells you associate with this memory?

Or a taste?

Perhaps the feel of a scratchy jumper or light breeze?

Do you remember the colours?

What was the weather doing?

Take another moment to look and make a note of anything else you remember. 

Then open your hand and release that planet to go back to join your solar system. You take one last look before your solar system floats away to join the rest of the universe, as if it has been released. You feel lighter. You stand up, nod your thanks to Atlas and make your way back down the path. 

Let’s explore the story you just found, remembering to include how it started, what happened, if anything changed and how it ended. Check you have your timer to hand and everything you need to either write or record your story. 

If it helps start with the words 

It all started when…

If you would prefer to write or talk about a different time in your life you could choose one of the alternative prompts:

What I am carrying? Or, What I have let go of? Or, Something completely different! Follow your instincts. 

Remember if at any point you feel stuck write or say what next until the next thought comes. 

Thanks for joining us on this adventure and start your timer now.